Review (Mommy): Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter

Spoiler: I LOVE THIS BUTTER!! I have used it as a leave in, sealer, and styler and it hasn’t let me down in either role.

The Good:

This product contains some of the most delicious ingredients I’ve come across in something that wasn’t edible. Green tea, almond milk, pumpkin seed oil and rice bran oil? Yes ma’am. The game changer for me was honey. Hands down, my hair is infatuated with humectants like honey, so trying this butter took no convincing; I had to.

The first thing I noticed about this product was how light the jar was.  (I actually opened the jar to make sure I wasn’t about to purchase a half empty container.) Sounds crazy, but it was a tell-tale sign that the actual product wasn’t heavy at all. And it surely isn’t.


Its rich and creamy with a super smooth consistency. On a scale of water and shea butter, its about the texture of pudding or yogurt.

The fragrance is to die for. It’s reminiscent of vanilla almond milk and chai tea with a splash of cupcakes. I love that the scent of this product lingers in your hair. This product performs so well that I can obtain “second day hair” by lightly spritzing with water, or jumping in the shower and letting the steam plump my curls back up. My favorite method is the latter because the heat from the shower reactivates the fragrance, and I literally feel like I’m bathing in chai tea.

Applying it to my hair is a treat for me because the slip cuts down my styling time by about 5 minutes, if not more. It literally melts into my hair like butter. It leaves my curls defined, moisturized, shiny, and soft to the touch. As per the directions (which I can attest to) this product can be used on wet or dry hair. I have to respect a multi-use product.

Wash and go with Almond Jai Twisting Butter as a styler.

This product has contributed to some amazing hair days. I have gotten compliments, followed by the golden question, “What do you use on your hair?” every time I use it. I must say however, that I’m usually a wash and go girl, so I cannot fully attest to the claim of this product being great for “leaving your twists soft, strengthened, elongated and holding your style,” as the brand promises.

The Bad:

The only con I would have is the price point of this product. An 8 oz jar retails for about 16.99. With proper planning, you can take advantage of deals online, or sales in your local retailer to get it at a discounted rate. Even so, its worth the price tag because my hair is truly in love with these ingredients and all that the bring to the table.

The truth:

I’m not even halfway through the jar and I’ve already ordered another go ’round. I’ve added this product to my staples, it will be in HEAVY rotation this summer, esp in this Florida humidity. I am extremely happy I stumbled upon this product, my hair deserves this smoothie of amazingness. My conclusion about this butter? See line 1, above.

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  1. Hey Jen!
    I used the Almond Jai as my styler, the coconut water leave-in and the results were amazing. I waited until my hair was fully dried before forming a conclusion because the last time I did that was with the style setter and each time was a horrible mess once dried. But the Almond Jai is an awesome styler for wash and go’s and an excellent leave -in to use with the curl marker. I really can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on Camille Rose products. I love the caramel co wash and now I have to try some of her conditioners and I have a feeling my hair is going to love them. Have you tried any of her rinse out conditioners? I look forward to hearing your reply.

  2. Hi Jen,

    What product do you think provides the most moisture: Almond Jai Butter or Curlaide Moisture Butter? I’m looking for something that will provide maximum moisture. Also, have you ever use the Camille Rose Coconut Leave In? Thank you!

    1. Hi Shay! That is a tough one, these two are def. neck and neck in the moisture department! I will say that I love Almond Jai during the warmer months because it has more emollients and humectants. It’s a great all-around product (moisture, style, wet hair, dry hair) especially if you want something to use alone. I love Curlaide along with something else like a gel, and I prefer to use it on dry (sometimes damp) hair. As far as moisture, I can’t choose, they are BOTH top notch! I have tried the Coconut Water leave in and although I love it’s slip and detangling properties, it’s not necessarily moisturizing in my opinion. I hope that helps in some way! Thank you love! 🙂

      1. Hi Jen,

        Thanks for responding. Would you recommend the Almond Jai for use during the cold months? Or the moisture butter? Also, which leave in conditioner, in your experience, is very moisturizing? I’m having issues with dry hair: its hard as brillo (lol) after I air dry on wash day, so I’m looking for products to help combat the dryness. I have fine hair like you. I’m not too sure of my porosity. Thank you!

        1. Of course love, any way I can help, I’d love to! I would say it depends on how cold your “cold weather” is. In Florida, we don’t get extreme temperatures so I’m okay with using Almond Jai year round. BUT if the Curaide is around, I WILL reach for that during winter, especially if I’m doing a protective style that could lead to my hair being out (like a twist out, braid out for example.) It’s mostly because of the humectants and not wanting frizz, I have never experienced my hair drying out– regardless of what time of year I use it.

          I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

          Do you usually allow your hair to air dry without products in it then apply, or you’re saying the products you put in while wet aren’t lasting? For my wash-and-go’s, I love “Quench” by Aunt Jackie’s because it is lightweight but SUPER moisturizing! As I Am’s Leave in conditioner is great too but it’s super rich so a little goes a long way (and I have to remember this so I don’t cause product buildup). For protective styling, I love the “White Peony Leave In Conditioner” by Mielle Organics, it’s really a star player. I haven’t used it for a wash and go, but I’m planning to try it out soon! (I’m just really loving the Quench!)