Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker Review

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For this Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker review, I did something a little different. I gave the product a second chance. We all deserve them, right? Oddly enough, I had totally different results both times, so I decided to break up the review into my first impression summary, second try summary, and then the good, bad, neutral, and conclusion of the overall experience!


First Impression:

1. Although the slip was amazing, the application was awkward. Did I just confuse you? The gel clumped and was awkward to apply with one hand. (I use one hand to hold the section I’m applying product to, and the other to apply the gel.) Globs of gel actually fell on my forehead and in my hair a few times. “/

2. Once my hair was dry, my curls weren’t as soft as they are with the Xtreme Wetline gel I have come to love.

3. Despite these shortcomings, I can’t deny the curl love. My curls were poppin and oh so shiny!

Double take:

I decided to try the gel again. I had to.

This time, I cowashed with the Caramel Cowash (I’m so sad I only had a sample packet of this goodness) as my first step. I didn’t follow up with any additional conditioner because I wanted to really challenge the products and see how well they performed together in their truest form. Staying true to my LOC method, I applied olive oil, then followed it up with Camille Rose’s Moisture Milk instead of my usual leave in. I then rolled up my sleeves, and began to get it in.

As I applied the gel, I couldn’t help but appreciate the slip, just as before. The application was actually A LOT better this time around. I took my time applying to each section of soaking wet hair, re-wetting my hair when needed, and raking it through all the way to the ends.

The Good

Where do I begin? There are SO many amazing properties of this gel. To be honest, I’m new to the “gel for your wash and go game” because although I love curl definition, I HATE dry, crunchy curls. I would always wonder how curlies would get 5,6, even 7 day hair from their wash and go’s, when I was re-styling on a daily basis. But my friends- this gel right here will get you right. Let’s discuss.

1. Slip (or the ease of applying the product with your fingers from root to tip) that is out of this world. Once the product was raked through, I forgot I was applying a gel. This could easily be compared to the slip of a conditioner or a styling product.

2. This gel is the gift that keeps on giving! I stretched my wash and go out to 4 days without washing or co-washing my hair, and I have no doubt that I could have gone longer. Each night I would re-moisturize and every morning I would do the same, yet my curls were still in tact with no frizz or dryness. Because I’m an avid fluffer, my day 4 hair was by far my favorite curl day, but the only difference between day one and day four was the volume. #curldefinition

natural hair, Camille Rose Naturals, product review, hair gel natural hair, Camille Rose Naturals, hair gel

natural hair, Camille Rose Naturals, curl definition, gel, product review


The Bad

Let’s just be frank. $22 for a hair gel hurts my feelings. And my wallet.


Neither Here Nor There

1. Camille Rose Naturals has gotten me spoiled with their cupcake, chai tea, almond goodness scented products. So when I pumped and used this gel for the first time, I was taken aback when I instead got a whiff of citrus fruits. It reminds me of grapefruit. Not bad, just not… cupcakes.

2. I experienced a crazy amount of shrinkage with this product. Its not a major deal breaker for me, because sometimes I want to take a break from my “fluffy” wash and go and rock more controlled curls

3. Glycerin free. Again, no major deal breaker, but the humidity in Florida is my hair’s hype man, and I notice that products that contain humectants like glycerin and honey work great for plumpling my curls to the volume I adore. When I used the gel, I noticed my hair wasn’t as soft as it usually is outdoors, and that kind of made me sad.


The Truth

I liked this gel. My curls are so happy, they’re *glowing*!

Would I repurchase? I can’t make that commitment right now, and luckily because I have a 12 oz bottle- I don’t have to. I know, I know, beauty comes with a hefty price tag. I’m still wrapping my head around the idea of paying $22 for a hair gel- even one that may or may not produce stellar results. The last gel I purchased was $4.99, and I was hurt and bothered when I found out that I could have gotten it for $1.97. I praise Camille Rose Naturals for being a total wellness brand that always delivers in the quality of their products, so I know when I am saving my pennies to purchase from them, I am making an awesome investment. But right now, this girl has to delegate her coins to more dual purpose products, like their Jai Twisting Butter!

Have you tried the new formula of Curlmaker? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hey Jen,
    I ordered the curl maker new formula and I don’t know what I did wrong. I used curl junkie beauticurls leave-in and while my hair was wet it looked awesome but when it dried it looked “not good”. I called myself trying to fluff but it created frizz, and I had a lot of shrinkage. It didn’t look good at all. I don’t know if my hair was too moisturized or what. I’ve been natural for two years and some mishaps has caused me cut my hair very short. The last mishap was a lady that says she specializes in natural hair and really jacked up my hair when she called herself giving me a “modified devacut”. Let me say I almost cried when I was running my hands through my hair and felt the uneveness. I had to get it fixed, meaning I’m back to looking like a boy. I was wondering do you think once my hair get longer the gel might work for me
    Or is there a leave-in that you would recommend to use with it? I’m gonna try it on it’s on because its so moisturizing and because my hair Hates thick moisturizers, leave-ins and oils d/t my low porosity, fine strands.

    1. Hey Christina! Trust me, I’m WITH YOU. It’s difficult for me to shell out anything over $15 for hair products, let alone $22. But when I tell you this is the best gel I’ve used thus far…. Truth. I just tell myself that I’m investing $22 over the next few months, it’s not something that has to be placed every month. So that’s a small win. I must say, however, that I’m partial to using this on the body of my hair, but I don’t like it on my edges. And thank you for your sweet words, by the way!! <3