Beauty with a Purpose: Heritage 1933 (Review)

heritage 1933-black owned brands-beauty-the little in jen that could blog

heritage 1933-black owned brands-beauty-the little in jen that could blog

I am in love with this brand and it’s products but it is the mission that won my heart.

When I discovered Heritage 1933 on social media, I fell in love with their aesthetic, dope product names, and beautiful packaging. This BLACK OWNED beauty brand (with gorgeous flat lays) was making it’s way all over my feed and I was intrigued by every single product they advertised. When I caught wind of a sale, I ran over to purchase a beauty box and decided to read up on the backstory of the company. As I learned that founder LaToya Thompson made a promise to give back to help women and children in local shelters with every product purchased, I knew I HAD to tell her how she touched my heart. I have such a heart for giving and helping, and I’ve been eager to see opportunities like this arise in my community. Seeing this spoke to me.

I reached out to her to tell her that I loved her story and where she is heading. Not fishing for anything or asking for free products. I’m truly inspired by her work and her mission, and I wanted to reach out and let her know that she has my support.  Genuinely from one black creative to another. Graciously I was offered an opportunity to introduce you to the products below (which I chose out of genuine interest to try and review) and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with you! (Keep reading for a fun coupon code!)

Friends, I want you to get to know Heritage 1933.

O.M.G Seal & Moisturizing Oil

Heritage 1933- Black owned- natural hair blog- natural beauty- the little in jen that could blog-omg oil
Photo credit: Heritage 1933 on Instagram

The name of this oil is completely fitting. My scalp rejoices after every use because this oil is lightweight, moisturizing, and SO invigorating. If you’ve read previous posts about my favorite oils, you know how I feel about jojoba (liquid gold) and almond oil in my skin AND hair care regimen. The OMG oil contains these two, in addition to other gems like olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and castor oil (to name a few). Heritage 1933 has created an oil dream team right here.

I’ve been using my O.M.G. oil for scalp massages since transforming my pre-poo sessions into opportunities for “pampering time”, and BAY-BEH. Instant vacation. With the help of it’s herbal extracts like peppermint oil, tea tree oil– and even rosemary needles– it stimulates blood circulation, helps relieve my (often) dry, itchy scalp, and really makes my hair SHINE. Of course I’ve found a way to incorporate this oil into my skin care regimen too, by way of face massages and occasionally removing my makeup. I’m considering buying several travel sizes of this oil and gifting them to my family because it is THAT good. I can’t keep this to myself!

heritage 1933- black owned- beauty- the little in jen that could blog-omg oil
Pictured here is the travel size OMG oil from my Beauty Box purchase. Do you see those beautiful herbs at the bottom? So dreamy!


And I Don’t Care: Whipped Hair and Body Moisturizing Butter

I spilled the beans about this amazing butter in an Instagram post recently. I couldn’t help myself. This butter is without a doubt one of the best body butters I’ve used on my skin. I look forward to having my relaxing showers and calming baths, but as of late I’ve secretly been enjoying them SO much more because I know this treat waits for me at the end of them. (Yes, I use it every night!)

body butter close up, heritage 1933-black owned brands-beauty-the little in jen that could blog

Light and airy, this butter is whipped so it’s super easy to apply and massage into the skin. The texture is uniform which makes it easy to apply without having to worry about flakes or chunks of solid pieces left in certain places.

body butter texture- heritage 1933-black owned brands-beauty-the little in jen that could blog

I love the feel of this butter just as much as I love it’s tropical fragrance. If a mojito and a mango Pina colada had a baby, it would be this heavenly concoction! Ironically, the initial scent is that of eucalyptus, reminiscent of Noxzema (which is super nostalgic for me because I have always LOVED that classic scent). Once I applied it to my skin, however, the fragrance transformed and really won me over!


Me Time: Dead Sea Salt Soak

I really wish I could get lost in a good soak more often. I’d love to take advantage of candle lit baths and get through a few chapters of a great book while I soak my sore muscles or meditate and plot on ways to take over the world. Realistically, my bath to shower ratio is embarrassing these days. I am working on that, and this bath salt is going to help me get there. It is just what I’ve been needing on those days when I have more on my mind than time to let it out. I’ve literally been laying in this tub of eucalyptus /lavender scented water, loving how awesome it makes my body feel.

me time- heritage 1933- black owned- beauty- the little in jen that could blog

sea salt texture- heritage 1933-black owned brands-beauty-the little in jen that could blog

If you’re worried about the size of the crystal-like salts, don’t worry– they do dissolve. If you are still skeptical, I would suggest using a cheese cloth or tea diffuser to contain the salts in one place. This method makes for an easier clean up too.

If you have long days like I tend to, this soak is the perfect way to end your night peacefully. Romantically. Trust me. Lord knows I need this detox and stress relief more often.

Heritage 1933 has proven to be one of my favorite Black owned AND all around beauty brands. There are times when I praise social media for introducing me to such awesome brands/companies and people that truly bring value and positivity to our community and this is definitely one of those times. A BIG thank you to LaToya and the Heritage 1933 family for this opportunity!

To shop these products and the rest of the Heritage 1933 products, please check out their website: I’ve even got a special discount code for you boos– Use code ” JENISALLWRITE ” to save money on your purchase!


heritage 1933 beauty box- heritage 1933-black owned brands-beauty-the little in jen that could blog

(Note: The photo above is of the beauty box (#2) that I purchased before being sent these products. Look at how beautiful the packaging is!)


This is a sponsored post but let’s be clear. I ONLY recommend brands that I genuinely like and use myself. This is absolutely one of them.

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