The great thing about blogging is that as something exciting happens, you can write about it. I actually didn’t have that luxury because as excited as I was about everything, only my immediate family and two best friends knew about the move to Korea. Soooo you’re getting the edited version- sorry 🙁

I’ve always wanted to travel. One day when browsing jobs, (ugggh this economy is poopy) I came across an ad to teach English in Japan. Hmmmm… great idea- but why Asia? When the only answer I came up with was “why not?” I decided to seriously consider this opportunity. Enter my good friend and travel buddy, who shall remain nameless until I confirm that she is ok with me using here name on here (lol.) She, about a few months away from her college graduation, had also wanted to travel abroad for teaching opportunities. She has an aunt who taught in South Korea for a year, and spoke nothing but great things of a program called EPIK .
Good friend and I weighed our pros and cons (I think the only con we had was leaving friends and family) and decided to apply…
Fast forward a few tedious months later… we’re 23 days away from moving to Ulsan, South Korea! But again, I’m getting ahead of myself.
I would have LOVED to share all of the amazing moments with you as they happened, BUT because I am oh so good at keeping secrets, I had to stay hum about everything until 1.) It was official, and 2.) I responsibly notified my job. (Yes, the 2 week notice is officially in!) Here is a small timeline. Keep in mind I have a horrible memory- similar to Dory of Finding Nemo- so dates may be a bit off:
*Early May 2009- Jen applies to EPIK program.
*May 7, 2009- Jen gets an email that she passed the application process, and is invited to schedule an interview. Jen calls that night to set one up!
*A week later, Jen gets cold feet and declines the opportunity before her initial interview.
*(A few?) weeks later, after much prayer, Jen calls to reschedule an interview. (Crossing her fingers.)
*May 30, 2009 – Jen has her phone interview. (Thank God for second chances!)
*June 1, 2009- Jen receives an email that goes a little something like this :
Hi Jennifer,

[Get your documents in as quickly as possible so that you have the most options open to you. I’ve attached a map so that you can choose some other options in case Ulsan closes before you can get your documents.]

Congratulations! You have passed our interview and we would like to recommend you to your preferred POE as soon as you have submitted all the necessary documents. First-come, first-serve, of course!


*All of June- Jen runs around like a chicken with her head cut off, getting documents notarized, apostilled, sent to the Department of State, obtaining money orders and Criminal background checks, and sending things via USPS and FedEx. (Sure, this sounds like a piece of cake, but lets keep in mind that there is a waiting period for each document. You must first send it off to the Dept. of State, wait for it to be processed and mailed back, and then mail it off to Korea. sigh.)
*Needless to say 3-4 weeks later, Jen mails off her documents to Seoul, Korea, and waits to hear her fate. And waits. And waits.
*July 10, Jen receives her contract- she is going to Ulsan!
*Jen now has everything she needs to apply for her E2 Visa. She sends off required documents and VISA application, and waits, yet again.
*July 16(ish) 2009- Jen gets her VISA !!
*July 16, 2009- Jen and good friend book their tickets from San Francisco to Korea! (Yes, we booked backwards)
*July 22, 2009- Jen and good friend book their tickets from Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco.
AND THAT BRINGS US TO THE PRESENT. Whew, that was exhausting, I need a nap! 😛 hahaha. Well boys and girls, from here on out, everything will be in PRESENT tense. Thank God, Jen hates speaking in 3rd person! Just wanted to give you a “play by play” of the happenings. We can’t know where we’re going, if we don’t know where we’ve been right? Have a blessed night!
P.S., These are two scripts from fortune cookies that I received. The first one, which reads “Wish you a good journey” I got the day after I called to setup my “second chance” interview. Below it, reads “Happy life is just in front of you”, which I got a week after the first. I still have them both.

And of course a hair update: I rocked my first twist out today, yaaay!! Simple, simple, simple: Wash and condition hair. Twist wet hair in sections. Allow hair to air dry (or in my case sleep on it). Undo twists and apply a LIGHT moisturizer. (I used raw shea butter.) Style it, rock it, love it!
Edit: I found out my hair is not friends with Shea butter right now, it’s a little too heavy and leaves me oily. Sad, bc it did WONDERS in making my hair oh so soft! I’m in the works of trying a twistout with a better moisturizer.

*~Wisdom. Courage. Peace!~*

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