#Thank youuuus

—> Thank you Lord for getting me out of the corporate world, and placing me in the Non Profit Sector at an awesome organization. #Godisgood

—>Thank you Mother Nature for bringing back my warm weather. #Beachday

—>Thank you Henna Sooq for sending all of my goodies SUPER fast.  Henna and I have a date to plan for. #Hennnnnnnaaaaatimmmmeeeee

—>Thank you Qhemet Biologics for finally reopening your store! #Readyformymoisturizer!

—>Thank you family, for putting up with my craziness. #WhyamIsomoody

—>Thank you Zig Zigler for giving me the inspiration to prime the pump! #Upgrade

—>Thank you to my wonderful friend who got me started on this whole hashtag nonsense.  Uggh!!! #Iknowyou’resmilingrightnow

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