Writing Challenge Day #15- Online Friends You Want to Meet

Naptural85 because I swear she gets me.

Cassey Ho of “Blogilates”and the couple behind Fitness Blender because they have changed how I view working out in my living room.

Elle of Quest for the Perfect Curl because we have so much to talk about in terms of natural hair. And of course because her spunk and wit that is out of this world.

Simplyounique on Youtube because she is a gem.

Kandee Johnson because she’s the sweetest of the sweet and she truly has a heart of gold.

Francheska of “Hey Fran Hey” because of her wisdom in total wellness.

Youtube guru “India” of My Natural Sistas (only because I’ve watched more of her videos than her sisters’. They are pretty damn awesome too!)

Oh- and the cast of “Roomie Lover Friends” on Youtube because they are all too beautiful to be real people!

I’m almost positive I’m missing more online friends but for now, this is the crew.




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